As a young girl, Melissa moved with her family from England to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she grew up watching admittedly far too much television-particularly shows like Charlie’s Angels and The Bionic Woman, which were action packed with strong, skillful female leads.

With two physically active older brothers, Melissa was drawn to pursue an array of competitive sports ranging from BMX racing and skateboarding to soccer and martial arts. At the age of eight, Melissa was taken by her father to see a live stunt show-an experience that awakened in her the desire to become a stunt woman.

As a resourceful adolescent determined to become a stunt performer and director, she started frequenting the sets of any TV show or film being shot in the Vancouver area, regardless of the time of day or the weather. She would simply show up and offer to help the stunt team, just to be there, watch, and learn as

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Melissa’s goal as Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director is to strategize the shooting of action sequences, to design and choreograph the action beats, and to build the drama within the action—in short, to support the tone of the film by building character-driven action that moves the story forward.

The key to the success of an action sequence rests with the second unit director and stunt coordinator understanding the director’s vision and helping to execute that vision with exciting moving images that drive the story and resonate with the audience.

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Choreography and blocking of any type of fight sequence, from traditional martial arts using weapons, to an old-fashioned bar room brawl or a complicated aerial fight on wires. Incorporating real characters with digital animated creatures.

Specializing in working with actors to prepare them physically and mentally for their roles using a wide variety of training techniques, from serious roles to light hearted physical comedy.

Melissa brings years of experience and endless amounts of creativity to the table.

Always striving for new innovative ideas and ways to improve a sequence.

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