Choreography and blocking of any type of fight sequence, from traditional martial arts using weapons, to an old-fashioned bar room brawl or a complicated aerial fight on wires. Incorporating real characters with digital animated creatures.

Specializing in working with actors to prepare them physically and mentally for their roles using a wide variety of training techniques, from serious roles to light hearted physical comedy.

Melissa brings years of experience and endless amounts of creativity to the table.

Always striving for new innovative ideas and ways to improve a sequence.

Melissa approaches scenes with an open creative mind.  Always experimenting with new ways to choreograph and shoot. Weather it be in camera or in the editing room.  Using the characters or  the set and the environment to create innovative, memorable sequences.

Taking from what has worked in the past and improving on it. Pushing the envelope..

A fight is like a dance; It needs to flow with the story and with the characters.

You need to develop each characters fight style carefully and creatively.

A fight, like the story must build and escalate, emotionally and physically drive the character weather its purpose is to put your Hero in Jeopardy or just to make him look cool.

Every fight sequence has a different story to tell.

Melissa specializes in working with actors to prepare them for their roles.  From obscure fight techniques to unique creature and character movement.

Her knowledge and experience in so many different areas, gives her the ability to train, teach and prepare the ACTORS for any type of film or action sequence.

She demonstrates the ability to handle sensitive pressure situations, challenging characters, and difficult personalities, helping them achieve, moving and memorable performances.

There is often limited time to prepare an actor for their role.  They have to learn on an accelerated learning curve.  Melissa is able to take them from having no skill or confidence in certain areas to a super hero in a short amount of time.  With patience, and determination anything is possible..