Melissa has been performing stunts since 1987 and doubled actors  in countless TV shows and Feature Films including Angelina Jolie,  Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, Sharon Stone, Ashley Judd, Amanda Peet, Kristin Stewart,  Rebecca Romjin, Jessica Alba, Aaliyah, Alisa Milano, Alicia Silverstone, Claire Danes, Ann Archer, Rosanna Arquette, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Milla Jovovich, Julie Bowen, Sara Michelle Gellar, Goldie Hawn…among others.

She has been a Key Stunt team player contributing to the memorable action sequences in films such as, Salt, Mr and Mrs Smith , Indian Jones Kingdom of the Chrystal Scull, Inception, 2012, The Last Samurai, Bat Man,  Legends of the Fall,  X-Men 2 & 3 The Last Stand, The Dark Knight Rises and many more.

Melissa is one of the most accomplished and versatile stunt performers in the world. She has been thrown into and tacked any and every situation. There is no challenge too big or too small.

Melissa is unique in that her skills vary from Horses, to working with any vehicle or motorcycle stunts to complicated acrobatic  fight sequences.  In the air, racing across the land, with weapons,   all aspects of fire and pyrotechnics,  flying on wires, riding a horse, or on the ocean..

She loves what she does , with drive and passion anything is can be achieved.